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Experienced RTO Consultancy that has many years of knowledge and understanding of RTO management ready to provide advice and support to assist you with either your soon-to-be or current RTO.

EEST will provide a personalised service to develop solutions to meet your goals, quality, compliance and operational objectives

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  • Initial RTO registrations
  • Assistance with ongoing compliance and re-registrations
  • Development and writing of policies and procedures
  • Validating Trainer qualifications and checking Trainer matrixes for vocational competence
  • Additions to scope
  • Development and writing of session plans including power points
  • Development of RPL candidate and assessor kits
  • Assistance with conducting validations
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Initial RTO Registration for Domestic students

EEST - Develop RTO Solutions
EEST - RTO Consultancy

Description: The timeframe to commence and achieve initial registration of a RTO for Domestic Students will take 6 – 9 months pending the number of qualifications to be added to the scope of registration.

EEST will apply their expertise to establish an RTO within the 6 – 9 month time frame.  Services provided to achieve RTO registration are:

  • Assistance to prepare and lodge initial application through ASQAnet
  • Development and writing of all policies, procedures and required templates and forms
  • Development of a validation schedule and the tools required to conduct effective validations
  • Development and writing of Training and Assessment Strategies for the qualification(s) to be included on the RTO’s scope of registration
  • Assistance with industry consultation and sourcing host employers to provide work placements
  • Sourcing of resources and assessment tools for qualification(s) on scope of registration
  • Mapping of assessment tools to ensure compliance and to identify skills gaps
  • Development of additional assessment tasks to address identified skill gaps
  • Mapping trainer competencies to the qualifications to be delivered
  • Validate trainer qualifications and professional development logs
  • Assistance to source an appropriate Student Management System – VETTRAK, WiseNet

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