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RTO Costs

To achieve 100% compliance at the initial registration:

  • Only put 1-2 qualifications on your scope of registration
  • Choose qualifications that have compliant and readily available learning and assessment tools,
  • Choose resources (textbooks) that are readily available and whose content cover the elements, performance criteria and required knowledge  for each of the units of competency you are going to deliver
  • Be available to work with EEST as and when required
  • Follow the advice provided by EEST

Cost: $27,500(GST inc) + travel costs


EEST will invoice you in three phases

Invoice 1 -$12,000 (plus GST) will be issued to you once you have signed a contract with EEST to prepare for initial registration of your RTO.

Invoice 2 – $9,000 (plus GST) will be issued to you once your application has been submitted to ASQA

Invoice 3 – $4,000 (plus GST) will be issued only when you have been registration of the national training register www.training.gov.au

Travel Costs

EEST will endeavour to keep travel costs to a minimum.  EEST will book the cheapest fare possible for travel requiring flights etc.  Travel costs will be itemised separately on the final invoice (Invoice 3)

Payment terms -14 days

For further information, contact EEST – flimpus@eest.com.au; mobile 0481 050 831