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EEST’s RTO Registration services are provided as per the following steps:

Step One

EEST - RTO ConsultancyEEST will meet with you to discuss what training products your RTO intends to deliver.

Based upon this conversation, EEST will develop a comprehensive Action Plan detailing the steps to be taken to achieve RTO registration.

Step Two

RTO Registration in 3 easy steps from EEST

EEST will:

  • Develop policies, procedures, forms and a Learner Handbook
  • Develop RPL Candidate and Assessor RPL kits for the qualification(s)/skill sets that you propose to deliver
  • Develop and write Training and Assessment Strategies for your qualification(s)/skill sets that you propose to deliver
  • Conduct industry consultation
  • Ensure trainer mapping to the competencies they are going to be contracted to deliver and assess is compliant
  • Verify trainer qualifications and professional development logs
  • Develop a validation schedule and provide validation tools to assist with validation of training products
  • Map assessment tools and identify any gaps. Additional assessment tools will be developed to address any identified gaps.
  • Develop marketing material and assist with development of a website
  • Assist with sourcing a Student Management System

EEST will keep in regular contact with you over this developmental phase through meeting with you regularly and provide you with an update of progress as per the action plan.  This also provides the opportunity to address any issues/concerns that may arise during this phase.

Step Three

Once all the documentation is in place for the initial registration audit that will be conducted by ASQA, EEST will meet with you and your key staff to go through the documentation so that you understand what the audit process will entail.  EEST will address any areas of the application identified as needing final amendment.  This process will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions about the audit.

EEST will not provide the following services:

  • Development of your business / financial plans or
  • Development of your learning and assessment materials. However EEST will map your tools to ensure they are compliant and to identify any gaps. EEST will develop additional assessment tools to meet any identified gaps.

EEST cannot represent you at the audit or correspond with the ASQA regulator on your behalf. As this is your business EEST can only provide you with advice to build and operate it yourself.


The typical time to achieve registration is about six – nine months assuming you have access to appropriate facilities, learning and assessment resources, etc. Some projects can take longer than 6-9 months depending on the business’s other commitments and the size of the application.

EEST will move as quickly as possible to adhere to the timeframe but under no circumstances jeopardise compliance in order to complete tasks quickly.

Please be advised that the process for initial registration must be adhered to.  If documents are not ready and you choose to go ahead with audit you will not achieve initial registration as an RTO which will further delay the process of your registration


Contact EEST for any questions regarding RTO Registration